Welcome to my Congenital Heart Defect blog.  I am focusing my blog on my lifelong journey from birth in 1968 to today and on.  I hope to tell you my story, offer some advice, perhaps even offer some resources for those who are not as far along.

I have had a quite the journey in my almost 50 years.  The “My Story” section starts with a Transposition of the Great Vessels.  I have been through many procedures, including:

  • pacemakers,
  • ablations,
  • catheters,
  • a Ventricular Assist Device,

and finally a heart transplant January 1st 2016.  Lots of experiences, drugs etc. to discuss.

I’ll try to keep everyone up to date on what is happening now in my “Current Updates” section.  I still have some rejection issues and excercise is even more important as I try to condition my heart.

I’ll try to make things a bit more understandable by adding posts into the “Resources” section. These will include links for more information and help.

I am not a Doctor, and all the information on this entire blog and site is my opinion and experience.  Unless otherwise stated, the information is not to be taken as expert advice.

Thank you for taking the time to visit my site.